How the telemedicine service exactly works?

The telemedicine service works mainly through Telephone,By sending letter or Email over the Internet Patients who are staying very far from our clinic and is not possible for them to come and consult our doctors by face to face consultation this is the most easy way to start their treatment with the help of this Telemedicine process

The doctor may call the patient or patient party for clarification to help him close the information gap.

Once the treatment strategy has been decided a medicine kit (according to the requirement) will be provided to the patient. This kit contains most of the medicines that the patient might need to deal with emergencies or specific conditions that may arise during the course of the treatment

Our doctors will be always helping you to give you our best of services.

What is the process for telemedicine registration?

The registration process for telemedicine is very simple. You just need to fill in the registration form and pay the required fee. Once we receive the filled form and the respective fee, we will create a case file for you and will be forwarded to the doctor.