From the Founder's Desk

In the march of medical progress, human patients with their varying habits, emotions and constitutions, remain not only the source but the final measure of success. This organization has been serving 2000 patients on an average per day coming from India and different parts of the world giving us the opportunity of studying the human patients who are suffering from many types of ailments which include serious diseases like Cancer, Heart disorders, Renal failure, Hypothyroidism, Hypertension, Infertility, Gynecological and Children diseases, etc.The total record of the individual patients is now exceeding 14.7 lakh (1.47 million) bio-datas where we have served about 1 crore 50 lakh (15 million) prescriptions for so many disease states (arguably the largest number in the world).

This panorama of patients has been giving us the scope of studying and carrying out Research exhaustively on a wide range of serious diseases. We have now about 40 Medical graduates and scores of technical hands working to carry out the Research activities in our centers at Kolkata, Delhi,Ranchi, Mihijam, Asansol and Burdwan apart from more than 550 associated physicians and huge number of followers of Advanced Homoeopathy practicing in India and in many countries of the world.We have been able to standardize successful treatment for the above mentioned serious diseases with a progressively higher rate of success. We are running specialized clinics for individual diseases mentioned above. According to the methods of this Advanced Homoeopathy, we need the cases to be thoroughly diagnosed, unlike the Conventional Homoeopathy, for which we advise our patients to get the tests done for their diagnostic purposes as per our requirement before we undertake the treatment. There are many significant signs and symptoms required to be evaluated by our Advanced Homoeopathic method over and above the diagnosis and diagnostic tests that are required by other disciplines of medicines, which facilitate our selection of drugs scientifically and accurately. For this purpose we have developed specialized thorough SYSTEMIC CHECK-UP procedures.

Our doctors will be always helping you to give you our best of services.