What is Dr. Parimal Banerji's Advanced Homoeopathy?

Homoeopathy was discovered by Dr. Hahnemann of Germany in 1790. During his life time he changed and improved the methodology of this Homoeopathy six times. Many changes in the fundamentals were done till his death in 1843. Since after that nobody has changed or improvised anything about his principles, methods of drug selection and the process of experimenting the drugs on healthy human subject to evaluate their curable properties, there was no concept about the diseases in the parlance of diagnostic procedures and no research whatsoever has been done after that.

Dr. Parimal Banerji started extensive research in this science in 1954 as he observed lot of failures in treating the diseases. He observed that there was no standardized method of selecting a drug for any particular disease and also there was no principle for selecting potency of a particular drug in a particular disease. All were being done most arbitrarily. At that time under his active cooperation his father's clinic started attracting about 2000 patients on an average per day, creating a great opportunity for him to observe the clinical effects of these drugs in enormous quantity. Therefore availing of this opportunity he could observe that well selected drugs after thorough study of the repertory and the Materia Medicas failed in most cases in curing diseases. The percentage of failure was very high but it remained unnoticed by the practicing Homoeopaths since 1790 till today.

There were wonderful and miraculous cures but they were very very few and that also could be achieved after several trials and failures. Homoeopaths till today are loud about this success. But if they observe they will find even today they cannot conclusively arrive at a single drug for any case. It has been observed by Dr. Banerji that when a patient with a specific disease is taken to seven different doctors in the same day and about at the same time they all prescribed seven different drugs. According to the principles of Homoeopathy any one drug will cure; so either all the seven will fail or six of them must fail.

Dr. Banerji found out the defects. Firstly there was no procedure in Homoeopathy to diagnostically find out a disease in the patient and consider its symptoms exclusively as done in Allopathy and Ayurveda etc., and instead of considering the symptoms of a disease Homoeopaths take all the symptoms of the patient as a whole who might be having several diseases at a time like dyspepsia, rheumatic pains, bronchitis, and so no specific attempt could be made to treat a specific disease by proper diagnosis. Secondly while proving a particular drug during its pathogenetic trials symptoms were collected from different persons having different constitutions and mixed together to form their Materia Medica.

But Dr. Banerji has observed that a particular disease manifests or produces different patterns of symptoms in different persons having different constitutions. Apart from Allopathic diagnostic procedure he has observed that every disease has got a pattern of symptoms different when it affects different constitutions of man. Tonsillitis causes severe pain in one, painless large swelling in another, redness in one and paleness in another and so on. So after diagnosis also there requires classification. On the other hand he has observed that every drug produces different patterns of symptoms in different types of constitutions of man in the drug proving which is like producing altogether symptoms of totally different diseases in different men by a single drug. As for example Bryonia produces constipation in one man and diarrhoea in another and bronchitis in another, Belladonna produces swelling of parotid glands in one, abscess in another, pain at appendix in another and headache in another. All depending on different types of constitution of the man on whom drugs are proved.

Thereafter his greatest achievement is that he could discover the totality of symptoms produced by a drug is exactly the same with the totality of symptoms of a particular disease. In his methods a disease has its own diagnostic identity. Dr. Banerji has discovered that every standard potency of a particular drug can cure some certain diseases and another potency of the same drug can cure some different diseases. There was no procedure of selecting potency of a drug for a particular disease. So this has perfected the drug selection procedure with particular potencies for particular diseases.

This has enabled the practitioners to select a drug scientifically correct for a particular disease. It has tremendously advanced the science totally rejecting the previous procedures, methods, processes of drug selection which has created a high rate of success and the Europeans and Australians have named it as "Dr. Parimal Banerji's Advanced Homoeopathy".

Dr. Banerji is holding special classes for teaching Senior Homoeopaths, teachers and Professors of this advanced science and also to the practitioners of other disciplines.

Many young qualified homoeopathic physicians, especially graduates from Calcutta University realized the value of this development. They gradually came forward and joined his Institute for higher studies. With time, Dr. Parimal Banerji has been able to build a team of dedicated doctors who assist him especially in his research activities. The clinic and the entire research activities are being headed by Dr. Ruma Bhattacharya who has been dedicatedly working with him for the last 25 years and has been responsible for all these expansion schemes. The application of the findings of this research work to the treatment of various diseases and conditions has led to very significant successes in the treatment of critical diseases like Cancer, Renal Failure, Brain Tumour and Heart Diseases etc. Now there are different departments also to treat ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, infertility, hypothyroidism, multiple sclerosis, motor neuron diseases, autism, mental retardation, bone cysts, etc., in these research clinics at Mihijam, Kolkata, Asansol, Ranchi, Burdwan and Delhi, etc. This Research Center has organized a special clinic dedicated to Cancer patients under the department of Oncology. This clinic is now being operated only in Kolkata but is projected to open branch in Asansol. This Research Centre is carrying on its activities following the guidelines of Dr. Parimal Banerji.